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Grapenuts (AKA Homemade Cereal)
Grapenuts, AKA homemade cereal, tastes amazing with milk and fresh strawberries! Savor the satisfaction of creating your own breakfast treat. And let's give thanks to God, who blesses us with all things to enjoy!
Rhubarb Cheesecake
Indulge in the delightful combination of tangy rhubarb and creamy cheesecake with our farm-fresh recipe from Hobby Ag Farm. Generously topped with a vibrant rhubarb compote, each bite bursts with the sweet and tart flavors of spring. Perfect for any occasion, our rhubarb cheesecake recipe is a celebration of seasonal bounty and homemade goodness.
Farmer Raymonds Favorite: Fried Liver & Onions
Tender slices of liver are pan-fried to perfection, then paired with caramelized onions for a sweet and savory combination that will leave your taste buds singing.
Breakfast Frittata
This delicious breakfast frittata is sure to become a family favorite! With the added protein and flavor from our tasty breakfast sausage, it makes the perfect savory and indulgent start to the day.
How To Cook The Perfect Grass-Fed Steak
Cooking the perfect grass-fed steak is a breeze! Just remember, it's a tad leaner, so be extra careful not to overcook. With our step by step tips you will be able to enjoy the unique flavors of your grass-fed steak every time!
Comfort in a bowl - Home Made Chicken Bone Broth
Nothing quite says comfort food like a home made chicken bone broth. Here's an easy slow cooker recipe that will make your house smell amazing, and provide you with a healthy broth packed with vitamins and minerals.