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The True Cost of Milk: A Neighborly Discussion

Comparing grass-fed and conventional dairy practices and the hidden costs of our milk.Our conventional dairy system pushes farmers to produce as much milk as possible, as cheaply as possible. This system isn’t just tough on the cows—it’s tough on the farmers, too...

Welcome to Hobby Ag Farm!

As we eagerly prepare for our grand opening on June 1st, I am positively brimming with excitement to share with you what we've been cultivating here at our humble farm nestled in the heart of Pennsylvania....

Cultivating Hearth, Health, and Homestead at Hobby Ag

Hello there neighbors and friends! I'm Raymond, your friendly farmer from the heart of Pennsylvania, and I've got a tale to tell about our little haven called Hobby Ag. Here on the farm, we're not just sowing seeds; we're planting dreams of hearty family gatherings, robust health, and the warmth of a happy hearth & home. You see, the poor state of health across our great nation tugs at my heart, and I believe there's a remedy right in our own backyard. Hobby Ag isn't just a farm; it's a haven where the land and faith unite to bring back the old-fashioned values of self-sustainability and good ol' homesteading. Picture this: a table surrounded by kinfolk, laughter ringing out like the clucking of our free-range chickens. That's the heart & hearth of Hobby Ag, where family ties are as strong as the roots in our pastures. We're not just growing grass; we're growing connections, fostering a community where everyone is a part of something special. Now, let's talk about health – not just the kind that comes from our nutrient dense farm fresh foods, but the well-being that stems from reconnecting with the land. The poor state of health in our nation is a concern, but with each seed we plant (both literally and figuratively,) we're nurturing a healthier, more sustainable tomorrow. Regenerative farming is our secret weapon – a dance with nature that rejuvenates the earth and our spirits. It's a symphony of soil, sun, and sweat that brings life to Hobby Ag. And you, dear friend, are invited to join our merry band of homesteaders. In our corner of the world, Hobby Ag isn't just a place; it's a feeling – a commitment to embracing the joy of self-sufficiency and the warm embrace of a welcoming home.  We're your friendly homesteading neighbor, ready to share the wisdom of the land and the love of our Christian faith. So, come on over, lend a hand, and let's cultivate hearts, health, and homestead happiness together. Hobby Ag – where the land is rich, the laughter is abundant, and the roots run deep. Blessings and bountiful harvests, Raymond